Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm always adding and cutting and rearranging the blogs and sites I check in on every day or so. Sometimes I remember to mention them and sometimes not.

But just in case you don't notice them on the right somewhere, I'll point out that recently I added the home page for one of my alltime favorite poets Maureen Owen.

You can actually go to this site and read a copy of her totally unique early poetry book THE NO-TRAVELS JOURNAL in its the originally mimeographed typed up form (if I remember correctly, unfortunately my original copy disappeared somewhere over the years and I only have these poems in a later book that included them). If you don't know this series of poems, check them out and remember she wrote these back in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

mid 70's Maureen and I exchanged books this was after my several years travel...

her's: no travel journal via Charlie and Pam Plymel

just now

a re:visit and her piece
yet works!

not sure who did the drawings maybe she did?

Anonymous said...

speaking of sites

how-in-the-hell do you load 400,000 documents!

this is the third time a "leak"

something Fishy about all of this....

some piss-ant government clerk is now sitting in his/her cubicle at the State Department reading 400,000 documents

I think that our own government has invented wicki-leak and this is a ploy to create angst and jobs...