Friday, November 5, 2010


The mass media for the most part has been harping on the bad financial news and impending collapse of the Democrats for what seems like ever, and yet, since the election a few days ago, I've noticed they've been pointing out the good financial news more, kind of a half full rather than half empty thing.

And as I mentioned before, Newt Gingrich who hasn't held an elected office or any official office even within the Republican Party for many years appeared, and still appears, so often not just on the news but on the Sunday morning talk shows that one statistic showed he'd been on Meet the Press over thirty times more than the recent Speaker of the House while she held that office (which post Newt lost many years ago)!

In fact John Boehner, the projected new Speaker of the House was on the news shows more often than Pelosi while she was speaker. Hmmmm.

And did you notice that in this election, one third of the Tea Party candidates won, meaning two thirds of the most conservative Republican faction lost, and about half the Blue Dogs or most conservative faction of the Democrats lost, but only one percent of the Progressive Democratic Congressional faction lost, yet the only person I saw mention that on any news show was Michael Moore on MSNBC. Hmmmm.

Anyone who believes the media is dominated by leftists or liberals hasn't been paying attention.


Paul L. Martin said...

Good point, Michael. I have liked Michael Moore's work over the years, but his style can be a little tiresome. However, in the last few months, his is the voice in the wilderness that seems to be speaking the truth, especially about unemployment and the foreclosure crisis, both of which I am unfortunately caught up in at the moment. Even today, the major papers cannot seem to decide if the Republicans will be better for the economy or worse. They cite statistics that say businesses will flourish in the new regime, and that has historically been better for unemployment. With the way statistics and history can be manipulated by the press and the politicians, I don't know what to believe anymore. But Moore's is a voice in the cacophony that makes sense. All I know for certain is that we are changing as a nation, but to what, that is the question.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

We are changing. And we have the opportunity now to shape, grow with and determine this change. I feel hope and at the same time, inconfidence. Speak to anyone from Australia and they'll tell you that handguns are banned over there. Period. I can't exactly say how, but I know for a fact beyond doubt that the culture and fear based lust for guns in our nation and in our media is inexorably tied to our economic woes right now. And i know with equal, complete certainty that education - true education, is the best defense against terrorism, far better than these so called wars we are mounting against, who?....and what??? Imagine if all children in our country grew up speaking five or six languages, or even eight, such as, in addition to English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, some African and others. Can you even imagine the bridges that would be gapped in this world? I'm just starting. Isolationism - if we were truly isolationist, why are 98 percent of the products and services we consume and the manufacturing done overseas? That's two faced hyocriscy. Let's export and import tolerance, acceptance and humanity, and let's re-establish manufacturing here in the US and require retailers to carry a minimum of 50% of products be made in the USA. I'm just getting started. And I'll bet anybody a buck that Jim will fall back on his word of staying quiet.

Anonymous said...

how often during a discussion on improving the economy and balancing the budget do you hear any one point out that the u.s.of a spends more on weapons than all the other countries put together.
countries that don't squander their resources to produce weapons have money to build trains, and schools, with a prudent reserve left over