Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The colors are still vibrant, though some trees have lost their leaves entirely. This past weekend was glorious though, bright blue skies and the color of some trees so intense some streets in my town seemed too beautiful to be true.

Then yesterday it rained and that added to the beauty. Walking to my car over a thick carpet of bright yellow and deep wine colored leaves seemed magical. And today! The wind was blowing the leaves around like some Van Gogh landscape come to life! Clearing the air and skies so that the sunlight seemed to be coming from within everything it shone on, including the trees still holding on to their colors as well as the leaves whipping past the window or surrounding me as I walked.

And all the good news that gets lost in these times of despair and rancor and so many lies. Like GM getting back on its feet, just like their federal bailout intended. The government no longer the majority stockholder as their stock goes on the market, just as Obama made clear the bailout was intended to do. The results continue to prove him right about so much he accomplished and his policies are still accomplishing, those policies soon to be reversed or at least an attempt made by the Republicans in the House.

Do the rightwingers now have to take back their charges of "socialist" since one of their prime examples of their idea of "socialism" was the federal government's "takeover" of GM? Somehow, I don't think that's gonna happen. Anymore than Obama is gonna get credit for his doing what he said he was going to do if elected. But maybe there's an outside chance he and the Dems will learn how to actually communicate in a clear and direct way the nature of what they've already achieved and how all of it helps most of us, even if it ain't perfect. But the way they're going...

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