Monday, November 15, 2010


I sometimes add new blogs to the ones I recommend (in the list on the right) without much notice, but wanted to hip those of you who are movie buffs, as I am, to my dear old friend Robert Zuckerman's new blog (his old one is Kindsight) "Zuckerman's Journal" for some inside info about being the still photographer on a lot of major films over the course of the past two decades. Check it out.

[PS: I forgot to add the Ginsberg blog, ("The Allen Ginsberg Project") so just did that as well. Thanks to Simon Pettet for directing me to it.]

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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Thanks for the plug Michael! In my haste to post, I made some typos, which I am going back to correct. My thought now is that this blog will not be exclusively film related, but will lean in that direction.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy every day,

Robert Z.