Sunday, November 7, 2010


So exit polls and other polls show "Americans" want politicians in Washington to work together and focus on the economy and jobs, and a majority aren't interested in cutting taxes or even keeping the Bush tax cuts for the rich or the rest of us or repealing healthcare.

What they say they want is the politicians to stop fighting and being divisive and work together on the economy and jobs.

So today on the talk shows, with Fox limiting their guests to strictly Republicans because after all they won the election according to them and the rest of the media, though last time I checked the Senate is still Democratic and so is the presidency, but what did the Republican leaders who appeared on the talk shows have to say about their agenda(s)?

They talked about cutting taxes for the rich, repealing healthcare (though they of course call it Obamacare in their superior manipulation of the language to frame any political discussion) and doing everything they can to keep Obama from winning another term, while making it clear they and only they represent what "the American people" want.

And no one challenged that much either, including most of the political show hosts, supposed "journalists" etc. There should be a rapid response network for all of us to fire off emails to the news shows challenging them to ask the hard questions of the Republican leaders they give so much attention to, whether they do or not, they should be pressured to as much as possible through letters and emails and phone calls.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Wouldn't the websites of these networks have email capabilities and also doesn't the Democratic party have email and phone numbers to hammer this point home, and how about starting another blog or website called ""

Elisabeth said...

The spin of media and politicians can seem so far from what the 'people' want, Michael. I find listening to this stuff mad making, in both sense of the word.

It happens here in Australia, too.

Miles said...


The rapid response idea is a good one. Jen is on the Obama email list (Organizing for America, which is pretty good about offering options for action. For example, 2 days before election day there was an email with a link to connect with a phone list in order to make some "get out the democratic vote" calls. However, there is not as much targeted repudiation of right wing lies as I would like to see. Your suggestion is sorely needed.

Lally said...

I've been contacted and I've responded to several political organizations (MoveOn e.g.) that send petitions or mass e mails to Senators and Representatives and the administration, but it's never a one step process. It always seems to involve joining or giving up an address or some other information etc. etc. What I'd like to see the Dems and "liberals" and leftists create is a process that simply involves one click, like so much else on the internet seems capable of creating. One click and a message is sent to either my Senator and Representative or to every Senator and Representative, or to the White House or to everyone in the administration etc. I know there are more voters who support liberal causes and leftist policy positions than there are the opposite, but they tend not to vote as enthusiastically (except for 2008), though if it were as easy as one click on the computer they may at least express their beliefs and where their support is in numbers that couldn't be ignored.