Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is one Hollywood icon I wish I had met in person. I saw her, but never met her. To my mind, she was perhaps the most beautiful movie star ever.

Though I'm sure a case could be made for several others (Ava Gardner has often been declared the most beautiful, as have Sophia Loren, Marylin Monroe, Halle Berry, and others) on this day of her passing, my vote goes to Taylor.

And here's one of many YouTube video homages that can be used as evidence (though I regret the makers choice of objectifying title—"thing of beauty"—no matter how poetic the reference):

[PS: And I can think of dozens of scenes from movies that I remember her being even more spellbindingly beautiful in, but these certainly will do, as they also will for displaying how she was not only a great movie star and beauty, but a really good actress/movie star most of the time as well.]

[PPS: And I have to admit, watching that YouTube homage above saddened me deeply, although she had a rich full life and lived almost to eighty, still...I already miss her being alive in my world no matter how distant or removed.]


Robert Z. said...

Even more that her beauty, I will remember her courage and strength of convction.

This is what I will carry with me in my remaining time.

Lally said...

Good point Robert. And thank you for pointing that out. As most of us know, she was one of the first public figures to come out not just in sympathy for the gay community when the AIDS epidemic first hit, while others were still cringing in fear that AIDS victims might contaminate their communities through osmosis or casual contact etc. and children with AIDS were being ostracized and kept from school etc. etc. Taylor stood up and denounced that behavior and demonstrated with her own commitment and openness her love and compassion for those she knew personally, like Rock Hudson, who was the first movie icon to succumb to AIDS. as well as those she didn't. And continued to actively support that cause and many others.

AlamedaTom said...

Great highlight reel.

You're right, a little rip in the fabric of the universe right now.

Hey, can you tell me which movie that is in your video about 3:40 in where she is wearing the white veil?

~ Willy

Lally said...

Tom, It's not my video, but I'm pretty sure the scene you refer to is from IVANHOE, an early '50s costume drama in which she was superb.

AlamedaTom said...

I've never seen Ivanhoe. Guess I'm gonna have to check it out.

Lally said...

Yeah, just go into it with no expectations because it is obviously a dated Hollywood costume drama and a vehicle for Robert Taylor to do his leading man thing. But she will surprise you I bet.