Friday, May 4, 2012


Way too young. Only 47. I love The Beastie Boys and have from the first time they appeared on the scene forcing punk and then rap and emerging hip hop to not take itself so seriously.  MCA was a big part of making that happen, and then his transformation from "angry young man" to spiritual seeker, writing rhymes that crystallized Buddhist teachings, etc.

It's heartbreaking when anyone passes you care about, even if you never knew them personally. But there's always consolation in the memories that will live on, either in the hearts and minds of family and friends, or in the case of some folks, also in the hearts and minds of fans, of which I am one. You have to be grateful for the work produced and still feeling relevant and even current, like so much of The Beastie Boys creations still do. At least to my ear and heart and sense of fun and creativity.

Thanks you for lightening up a pretty heavy recording scene Adam, and bringing a smile to so many faces, like mine, and continuing to even now.  


richard lopez said...

michael, that's a pic of mike d.

richard lopez said...

oops. my apologies. it is mca.

richard lopez said...

early onset old-timers. i think.

i'm in shock. really. beastie boys are a formative experience in my development. i grew up along with them.