Thursday, May 31, 2012


I forgot to post an announcement of the last reading of the season for the Saint Mark's Poetry project before the summer break. Wish you'd been there. It was last night and it was terrific. I've written about Terence Winch's and Elinor Nauen's poetry and other writing here before so no need to rave on, but it was a pretty perfect evening with many old and new friends present, lots of discerning poetry lovers who got how great it was.

One of the highlights was Johnny Stanton, Elinor's husband, devoted enough to show of a new tattoo on his back that was simply the title of her masterpiece (mistresspiece?) SO LATE INTO THE NIGHT, which she read from, as well as from her latest book MY MARRIAGE A TO Z: A Big City Romance.  Terence read from his latest book which some have already stated they think is his best (for my taste every book of his is his best) FALLING OUT OF BED IN A ROOM WITH NO FLOOR, as well as new poems that seem to be even better best. [Full disclosure: they're both friends and my name came up in the reading, hope it didn't take anything away from their great writing.]

All I can say is, if you don't know the work of these two poets you should, you won't be sorry.


tpw said...

Dear M:
Thanks, as always, for the kind words. I was glad the reading gave me an opportunity to celebrate your momentous birthday, if a bit belatedly.

tom said...

Enjoyed what I have read and have been listening to Celtic Thunder tonight.