Thursday, May 17, 2012


Aw, what a shame. Only 63 according to most accounts (here's the first obit I saw). I was in the process of putting together some dance music for my birthday next weekend and trying to choose between her "Bad Girls" and "Hot Stuff" (I chose the former) when I heard the news. She was the soundtrack of a good part of the '70s for me, and a lot of people.

Here's some lines from a poem I later wrote about those times called "Disco Poetry" (and in the original I called her "Donna Summers"):

"...the most powerful/and successful black woman of her times, Donna/Summer, who in her prime made us love to love/her bad girl moves and glamorize our need to/dance and summarize our post-war angst with/songs that satisfied our frenetic desire to/outlast the collective shame and confusion..."

And we did, with a lot of help from her.

[This video doesn't have the best resolution or sound but her power can't be diminished even by that.)

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