Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I don't know if you noticed (or I already mentioned) the new blog I added to the blogs and sites I recommend on the lower right, but it's worth checking out. It's called "Trying To Be Cool" and has only six posts so far, so it's easy to get into. Scroll to the bottom and start there with the first post setting out the premise and read up to the top.

[Full disclosure, it's from a woman who was one of my first new neighbors and friends when I moved back to Jersey in '99, a journalist, originally from South Africa, who lived in Brooklyn where she met her biker photographer handyman husband (who converted an old Mercedes from gas guzzling to biofuel he makes from leftovers from local restaurants!) where they had their now teenage son before moving to Jersey. But even if I didn't know her, this is the kind of uniquely personal perspective that I always dig.]

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