Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday was such a beautiful day in the Berkshires, the sky the shade of blue that gave birth to the expression "blue sky"—a color I missed in my almost twenty years in L.A. where it only appeared on the rare smog and/or haze free days (at least the way I remember my time there now), but seems more common elsewhere, like back East yesterday in ways that evoked everything wonderful about the beginning of summer.

Of course we've had many days like this in winter this year but they felt almost ominous. Yesterday felt more natural and evocative of childhood when the seasons (at least in the Northeast) reflected those in children's books and old "technicolor" movies (often by Disney, though the one that came to mind yesterday was OKLAHOMA!).

In fact, yesterday was such a beautiful day (at least nature-wise) I forgot to post. Life certainly has its challenges, but if now and then we get a day like yesterday, with the classic puffy white clouds and sky-blue sky and perfect temperature (not too warm not too cool), (and in the case of where I was lushly green and sensually curved hill and mountain tops), well it kind of makes it all seem worthwhile, at least for a day.


Anonymous said...

Nice read....having grown up in Iowa I miss seasons here in LA.


tom said...

We've had a cool May so far, but warmer weather should come in tomorrow. I say cool, but I still remember going camping the second weekend in May over forty years ago and getting caught in a blizzard after hiking five miles from the car out to the lake. So, I guess this isn't that cool. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy the weather.

Lally said...

I have friends from L.A. who have the same feeling about the dessert, and others from the West who feel claustrophobic when they're in the Northeast because of the hills and trees and mountains enclosing them. But it's the landscape of my childhood and therefore of my soul and gives me great comfort even in bad weather, but especially on a beautiful day when it evokes all the promise of childhood.