Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A poll I trust (as opposed to our favorite rightwinger blog stalker's life inside the rightwing media bubble, not that they don't sometimes get it correct, as they say a broken clock is correct twice a day) (and not that a poll at this point matters that much anyway).


tom said...

Smiling just checked real clear politics and they show Obama up slightly on the average of the polls. but on electoral vote - it is 253 to 170. In key states Obama has a very small lead in Florida and larger leads in Ohio and Virginia. still a long time until the election and I am sure the lie machine is well oiled and will continue to run over at the Republican network.

JIm said...

Obama is +1.3% in the RCP average. Reuters seems to be an outlier. Gallup and Rasmussen poll every day, I believe with a rolling average. Romney looks good in those. We shall see. It is still early and Obama is trying his best to not talk about his record, attempting to divert with gay and womens issues.