Friday, October 5, 2012


So, the new and revised employment numbers are out and the unemployment rate is below 8% for the first time in years. The Republicans and their rightwing media and corporate masters have been yelling about how the unemployment rate has been over 8% under Obama (never acknowledging that it got to that point because of a Republican administration etc. or that it has been steady dropping—that's why Romney in the debate focused on the "over 8%" rather than on the declining numbers: 8.5, 8.3, 8.1, and now 7.8%).

So the big question is, will these same Republican media mouthpieces and Republican Party leaders acknowledge that Obama has succeeded in bring the unemployment rate below the 8% they kept complaining about? The obvious answer is: Never.

So what does Obama have to do? If I were him or his advisers I'd apologize for not doing better in the debate [I think he should have done that in his first appearance the next day, honestly assessed the failure of his and his team's strategy in terms of how it came across, not on how much he was telling the truth and Romney was lying, same for us, his supporters] at stating simply and clearly this administration's accomplishments and for not repeatedly and clearly connecting Romney and Ryan to the failed policies that got us into the mess Bush/Cheney caused, because Romney and Ryan advocate the same policies.

Yes, Obama attempted to do that during the debate, but not simply and clearly and repeatedly. Scientific studies have shown that the human brain reacts more positively to simple statements framed in either/or contrast than more subtle and layered, i.e. nuanced statements. Even if the latter are more factual and true.

But the reality is, Obama doesn't have to lie like Romney to make the point over and over that things have been getting better under Obama than they were when he took office, and that things will get worse if Romney is elected. That's reality based on just the facts ma'am (the old DRAGNET line that reportedly was never actually said in that old and very conservative TV show hearkening back to the imaginary past of rightwing nostalgia).


JIm said...

In between gushing, it might be good to keep in mind that 75% of the new jobs are part time and that the real unemloyment, counting people who have given up is 11%.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

100 % hearsay.

Anonymous said...

all of a sudden the day after that worthless "debate"
the unemployment number goes down ?

besides, these % figures are usually revised upwrds in a week or so after they come out.

they don't count people who have dropped out of looking for a job or those who have used up their unemployment compensation

this is ALSO the time when retailers are hiring seasonal workers.. so those temporary jobs are counted.

where my daughter works they are going on a 35 hour week AND a mandatory 3 weeks' "lay off" between now and Dec 31.

if Romney gets the Hispanic vote in Fld and/or Ohio and thus the electoral votes ...he wins...

Who "won" the debate ? PBS & Big Bird.

Jim is "spot on" however, I wouldn't vote for a Republican even if a Repub was the only choice.

Lally said...

Okay Anonymous, most of what you state in your comment is totally false. Starting with "these % figures" which in fact have been revised down in the last few months. In fact most government issued reports on the economy have more often than not in the past few years turned out when revised to be better than they were originally. And ending with the last comment. "Jim" IS a Republican (and Tea Partyer).