Monday, October 15, 2012


Not sure how I missed this. Probably thought it might be overdone and it is in parts. Some silly bits at the end. Some operatic overacting here and there.  But still, Reese Witherspoon in VANITY FAIR reminded me of why I loved her acting so much the first time I saw her, in ELECTION. She's actually pretty incredible in VANITY FAIR, as she was in that.

And all the great Brit actors, and Irish actors pretending to be British upper crust snots (in particular Gabriel Byrne). Lush sets and costumes, great Thackery epic-melodrama. Fun to watch, even the embarrassingly simplistic, at times, caricatures. The acting is so good that they make it work. A great piece of escape entertainment. Nice way to forget for a couple of hours our present political melodrama.

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