Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It would be almost funny, like a Saturday Night Live or Jon Stewart Daily Show skit, if it wasn't the practice and beliefs of a man who might be running this country in a few months. Especially the "establishment of Zion" in the U. S.

It reminds me of Scientology, another home grown "religion" with secret beliefs and rituals and determined to take over the country. The thing they seem to have in common tactically as well, is that both Mormonism and Scientology believe its okay to lie in order to gain power.

What is most disturbing to me is that all these rightwing Republicans who claim to be Christians, especially the fundamentalists, don't seem to care that Mormonism replaces their Bible with their own Book of Mormon and basically refutes most of what Christians believe. But clearly, these same rightwinger Republicans would rather have a lying leader of an obvious religious cult that goes against most of what they claim to believe in than an African-American moderate Christian in the White House.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Today's second amendment bastardization installment. GMG-guns must go!

AlamedaTom said...

All I can say is Yikes!

~ Willy

Jamie Rose said...

Hmmm. Based on the project I'm working on. I have mixed feelings about this. We can discuss privately.
Meantime, I am for separation of church and state for all religions.

cpdvideo said...

Amazing ... and very interesting. Having spent 5 years in a Catholic seminary and having a thirst for knowledge with why are 'we' this way, I find this fascinating. Personally, I have always seperated God and religion, even while I was in the seminary.

Lally said...

Don't mean to offend anyone's religious beliefs or practices, jut the hypocrisy of those who will find any excuse to deny our president any legitimacy. But I also don't think anything in this post is inaccurate. By the terms of what makes a "cult" or what the ultimate goal of a group is etc. As an Irish Catholic, at least on paper, I totally accept all the charges against that institution, especially in recent times the pedophilia cover ups etc. But the Catholic church does not teach that The Bible is to be taken literally, as do the fundamentalist Christians (as the fundamentalists of all groups do of their sacred texts etc.) nor does it have secret handshakes and rituals etc. They did in the distant past and deserve all the criticism and scorn they've earned for past and present fallibility (including their anti-homosexual stand and refusal to ordain women etc.) As do the rightwing fundamentalist Jews who believe the Arabs should be expelled from all of "greater Israel" as they call Israel plus the West Bank and Gaza and parts of Syria etc. And obviously the fundamentalist Muslims distort a lot of what's positive in that religion to the point of blowing up children or shooting them in the head because they're female and want an education. Romney and those who know him best have made it clear he is a deeply committed Mormon who for most of his life has wanted to be the first Mormon president, and it's equally clear by his statements and actions he has no trouble lying and pretending to be something he isn't in order to get there. That's a very frightening prospect. We got to see our president's religious experience with that Reverend in Chicago who used to he his pastor (Jeremiah Wright?) and the right felt that was fair game and continues to. So Romney's religion is fair game too, especially since it informs so much of what he does and has done and we can presume will do.

JIm said...
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