Monday, October 29, 2012


Between watching the news about Sandy's eventual landfall in Jersey, checking the eeriness of our town closed up for the night, no rain yet, gusts of wind all day but also moments of an almost unnatural calm, I managed to get in the entire SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS on TCM.

Is there anyone in movie history as adorable as Veronica Lake in that flicker? My first childhood crush on a movie star and when my fifteen-year-old joined me to see what I was watching he had the same reaction wanting to know who she was. Nice to know we share some basics.

We still haven't gotten word about school closings here tomorrow though nearby towns have notified their students and our governor has recommended all school districts close. Irene last year was pretty erratic, with some areas suffering terrible flooding others not, and some suffering power outages and/or water problems (that was us, we had to boil water for several days and avoid getting any in our moths if we showered).

As an ex-weather observer in the military, I understand why these weather people are getting so overexcited about Sandy. It's a combination of weather factors that have never occurred in nature before. But nobody on any of the channels I've been watching has mentioned global warming or climate change at all. Even though this is the kind of unusual weather pattern scientists have been predicting will begin occurring and obviously have been for the past few years.

We'll see if we still have power tomorrow to check in here, if not, see you after it's over. Meanwhile, if you still have power I highly recommend watching an old classic movie, and one with a happy ending.


Jamie Rose said...

Love you Lals. And I too love Sullivan's Travels. And Veronica Lake. Sad end for that lady.

Thinking about you and Flynnie. Keep us posted if possible.


-K- said...

Who knows when you'll be reading this but I hope you and your family and by extension, everyone on the East Coast is protected and kept safe.

As for "Sullivan's Travels," it is one of the most life-affirming and just plain funny movies I have ever seen. Like you, I watched it this afternoon and enjoyed not just Veronica Lake but the entire cast that Sturges put together.

And not to be a film student about it I think I heard once that the opening scene was done in one solid five (or maybe more) minute take. Just great.