Monday, October 29, 2012


Police came by and closed my street, put up that yellow tape etc. due to a downed wire. A lot of my friends nearby (and the restaurants right across the alley from me) have no power, but gratefully we still do. Maybe it's a kind of cosmic justice since we've lost power in my building many times in recent years, one time for a week, while everyone else seemed to have power. So tonight I guess it was our turn to have the power stay on.

Gusts were recorded in Newark which is right next door, as high as 75 miles per hour. I suspect some of the gusts we felt here were even higher. But the rain was pretty minimal and we're a few blocks from the river and the wind seems to be calming down a little (supposed to be windy for the next two days but not as bad as the peak) which means it still sounds pretty wild at times but nothing like a few hours ago.

There's been a lot of transformer fires as well, lighting up the dark like lightening coming from the ground. One of my teenage son's friend's home has no power so he came over several hours ago to spend the night here. They seem to be on a conference call with other friends who have no power. A great adventure for them, which I remember feeling about natural disasters when I was a kid.  

Now I'm just happy my youngest and I are safe and the friends and family I've been in touch with are safe as well. Hope wherever you are you're safe too.

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