Sunday, October 21, 2012


Laura Nyro passed over a decade ago. I read on Dangerous Minds that it would have been here 65th birthday this past Thursday and it made me terribly sad.

I loved Laura Nyro. There was no one like her when she first started creating her unique music and there's no one like her now. It would be as if Lady Gaga was mashed with Alicia Keyes and a touch of Norah Jones and maybe Fionna Apple.

Even then they'd be missing a lot. There just wasn't anyone like her. She was a mysterious presence from the start. All kinds of rumors floated around her initial overwhelming impact on a time when long playing record albums had the kind of cultural and generational impact it's difficult to even imagine today with so many ways to be introduced to new music out there that seem entirely random and almost meaningless in terms of actually changing anyone's taste or perspective as Nyro's music did.

You can find the post, which was actually I think a repost, from Dangerous Minds that got me missing her more than usual here. [Make sure you watch both video clips, the one from Monterey and the TV one as each balance the other out in terms of mood and approach but nonetheless display the same intensity that made her so special.

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