Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night got to see and hear my oldest son, Miles, perform with the band he plays bass in (Bell Engine) at The Red Lion Den, an old and venerable pub in the basement of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Not only was it a terrific night, with two hot and loose sets by the band, but I had the thrill of hearing the one song Miles has written both the music and words for, "Soul Breaker," played twice. The second time at the end of the last set when there was five minutes left for an encore and several in the Friday night crowd shouted for his song.

If I had been a cartoon and/or wearing a button up shirt the buttons on my chest would have popped. A song only heard a few times by anyone, only recently recorded on Bell Engine's first CD, but not released yet (soon, you can find out when from the website and already being requested by shouts from the audience? Pretty cool.

And all this on another beautiful Berkshires weekend. Though last night it was cold and snowing a bit. Still, today the sun came out and despite the chill lit up the hills and mountains and few remaining trees with turning leaves of Autumn colors, including the bright yellows and flaming reds and almost neon oranges.

The backdrop to another great day to be alive as I spent it with my daughter Caitlin and Miles (a long while since we had the chance to hang out without spouses and younger kids) and a little trip to Pittsfield, the main city in The Berkshires. Part of the main drag has been renovated and we went to an almost brand new multiplex movie theater, The Beacon, that is state of the art, after getting some chai lattes at a brand new coffee and soup and sandwich cafe Market Place, where the service is always terrific, the food good and the vibe Berkshire comfortable.

After the flick we checked out a new and very stylish restaurant, Spice Dragon, also on the main street. It's run by a Vietnamese chef who prepares dishes from various Asian cultures. I had a Malaysian curry dish with super thin noodles and a variety of vegetables just spicy enough to keep me awake and alert to the nuances of the other flavors.

Hope all this renewal pays off for a community in need of some successes (Pittsfield that is, not the other more chic small towns and villages that make up the rest of "The Berkshires" and all that stands for). These businesses seemed to be doing pretty well, so maybe. The movie was packed by a crowd that seemed pretty happy with the film we went to see, but more about that tomorrow.

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