Sunday, November 27, 2011


In the latest post from Robert Zuckerman's KINDSIGHT blog (an ongoing continuation of his great book of personal photographic portraits and stories with the same title).

I wanted to just reproduce the post here, but couldn't figure out how to do it, it kept sending just a rectangle with one of those tiny blue question mark rectangles in the middle of it, so you have to click on this link and then click on the post twice to enlarge it to easy reading and viewing.


Harryn Studios said...

"One Mindful Mutha" ...

I often have difficulty reconciling photography's claim to 'high art' - mostly because of its superficial and inundating usage by the advertising industry and amateurs. (The difference between formica and granite.) A proliferation of images that adds to the glut of my own visual memory acuity.
But every once in a while I see photographs that transcend the ordinary - that captivate, and move beyond the medium's stigmatization - especially when I get an email from Zuckerman's photo journals.

Robert's choice of image brings me to the character of his subject in ways I find difficult to explain - the way paintings do. This is where photography enters a different realm - where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. No tricks, no gimmicks, no allusion to anything more than that precise choice in time that captures truth - guided by an aesthetic capable of identifying it.

Then there's the journal entry. An intimate account of experience bridging any mystery the image holds with experience from a full and fulfilled life - all of which becomes a savory delight celebrating life.
The no frills packaging of these 'pages' - tastefully understated, become 'fact sheets' that are testimony to what mindful choices can deliver.

Always inspiring, always thought provoking, always beautiful ...

Thank you.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Wow, Michael and Paul,coming from two such great thinkers, writers and humans of character - who inspire me and keep the bar of excellence raised high, your words encourage and empower me to carry on. THANK YOU.


Harryn Studios said...

In Lally's word, "It takes ONE to know ONE" ...
Keep up the great work Robert.