Monday, March 5, 2012


This blog has become a little too heavy on the political side and not enough on the art and music and movies and books and all that good creative stuff side. But just because people have asked, my response to the Limbaugh ridiculousness is it's about time he stepped in sh*t and finally came out smelling like it.

I used to call his show back when it first began to be subsidized (that's right, look it up), by the big money rightwingers who got him into stations by giving it to them for free etc. and often in the beginning I would get through to the screener, BUT, as soon as they found out what I intended to say I would either be cut off or put on hold until the show ended and never get on.

After a year or so of that I stopped trying because it was clear he didn't want to argue, he wanted to bully and dictate taste and opinion for those malleable enough to fall for his lies and misinformation in the service of his own greed and that of the corporate and wealthy interests he serves.


Curtis Faville said...

The formula for those shock-jocks is always the same.

They don't listen, they bait.

The don't argue, they berate.

They don't explain, they bitch and whine and bully.

Limbaugh is an asshole.

Lally said...