Saturday, March 17, 2012


Thought I'd just post a few family photos.  Here's my Irish immigrant grandfather in uniform as the first cop in our Jersey town:

And my Irish immigrant grandma, his wife Rose McBride, she's the one on our right her left:
My cousin (my father's cousin but all the variations of cousin I always just reduce to cousin) in front of my grandfather's home, taken around '92 after the last person had moved out and the thatch roof was beginning to rot without a fire in the hearth:
Me and my parents and siblings when I was little enough to be held in my mother's arms, God rest her soul, and after the brother between me and the youngest of my two big sisters had passed as an infant:
A bunch of my siblings and cousins and neighborhood kids when I was probably even younger (the cartoony looking little kid with the huge forehead at the top right):
Me and my sisters, with our cousin Rosemary between them and our two grandmas in the back and some aunts and uncles, though the baldheaded guy leaning to his left in the back is the boarder in our house I grew up with who ended up dating the widowed aunt in front of him:
Terence Winch, whose parents were immigrants to the Bronx and he became the great Irish-American poet and musician and songwriter (he wrote the anthem of the Irish-Americans in this area: WHEN NEW YORK WAS IRISH) and me c. late '70s:
My older son Miles and my daughter and oldest child Caitlin:
And Miles's son, Cait's daughter, and my youngest son (the oldest of the three) a couple of years ago after my granddaughter's recital:


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely.

Suzanne :)

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

If I may, I'm adding more "Lovelys" to Suzanne's :-)

tpw said...

Love all the photos, especially that last one---touching & funny all at once.

Lally said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, the last one was the boys' idea, to let their niece/cousin shine while they goofed.