Saturday, September 1, 2012


I needed this. After a week of inane political unreality TV and the "discussions" (often arguments) that ensued on this blog and the Internet in general, let alone in person, I was walking through the parking lot in Great Barrington near the movie theater and noticed HOPE SPRINGS was playing and having wanted to see it I did.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Not perfect, but perfectly performed. It's basically a three character movie with Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep and Steve Carell. And man did they keep my attention and impress the shite (as me dear departed mother would say) out of me.

Carell had some wordless close ups that were so well done they bought tears to my eyes, tears of appreciation for his acting chops. And the same but even more so for so many of the scenes between Jones and Streep. Just a master class in film acting.

And as many who read this blog know, I never found Streep that attractive but after brain surgery inexplicably instantly did, and still do. I fell in love again with her watching this flick. Even when there were a few plot points that misled me or I thought weren't the greatest writing, I still never doubted her or Jones's characters reality, nor lose the sense of this being a woman I could love (even though I know it's a trick of my post-op brain, I surrender to it).

But despite the strange brain aspects of my response, the basic message is, as someone who has acted in films and understands the challenges I was blown away by what these actors accomplished with the lines and characters they were given to work with. Stunning accomplishments and I hope to see Oscar nods for everyone if life is fair.


JenW said...

Just saw this and thought it was hopeful and delightful! Laughed out loud at the character Tommy Lee Jones plays with his tough shelled grumpy disposition. He, of course, nails the part. Wonder if he can be as blunt in person? I always thought he was handsome in a rugged way- got charisma for sure and an excellent actor. Meryl was perfect- no other words. I enjoyed Steve Carell too & I watched his expressions closely… Thanks for the review and great movie tip.
PS- Missed Ruby Sparks on the big screen. There were only 8 people today @ Hope Springs- glad I caught it.

Lally said...

Your welcome Jen, and yes, I understand Tommy Lee Jones is just as blunt in person as the character he played.