Monday, September 24, 2012


"these folk are serious as an outbreak of ebola; since nixon, they have been like ants and beavers, playing to the lowest common denominator, race/class, the silent buzz word of objectivism, selfishness as a virtue, and fundamental control of process, political, judicial and media along with think-speak...i still live in a world where me and my family pay dwb tax (800+/yr) and meet pinheaded lower reincarnates everyday and see this shit on the ground as part of daily life, so i'm serioso on a minute-by-minute basis.  diebold and the other voting machine producers have a monopoly on being able to flip the chip on their machines and because you don't get a receipt as you leave the poll, you don't have a clue as to the disposition of your electoral attempt; i did that election judge thing for three years, and stopped when i found the boxes stuffed, causing overcounts and requiring four recounts to balance, making the ballots late at headquarters; personally requesting an absentee ballot and missing a vote because they didn't send it; having a republican election supervisor give me the wrong ballot, and then say, oh how could that have happened?; or having my former neighbor, an attorney and poll watcher have to have the fbi arrest a republican disruptor who walked into our local library, which is used as a polling place, then come outside and start telling people the election judges were looking for people with outstanding warrants, and see the black people start to peel out of line..i could go on & on, but this is one reason why i still don't consider myself & those of my profile as citizens.  and we don't have the simple ability to say, none of the above,  i am armed, though so far have not loaded.  i think the fix is in, but even if o'bama wins,  you know he has been and will have to continue to follow the master plan or die like the kennedys and every other assassinated president.  this is a truly seminal moment, and if these jokers are not crushed and their metal penises put in storage, their colorstruck madness will pitch all of us into a real depression and an extremely uncivil war, at which they can't (again) be allowed to prevail-there lies chaos.  you were dealt violence for speaking your mind and trying to seek truth when you were growing up; i stopped speaking out (stapled my lips) when i saw what they did to non-violent eloquence and went about my business, and still had guns pulled on me by my alleged protectors, here in my hometown;  at least i have not  been vacuumed into the prison system (yet) like the 4 million men (& women) who can't march, due to shackles and an intentional corporate industrialization of that system (see Sloss Furnaces, birmingham,alabama 1880-1930+{hank rearden similarities}).

what i'm saying here is not directed at you or any people who seek truth, peace and justice, and have paid their dues, but to those who steal, using the system, hide their money overseas, don't pay taxes, sell weapons to the world & create mayhem for oil rights, encourage race/sexism, and attempt to continually minimize those whom they rob, cheat and lie to, based on standards which they continually shift when it becomes clear that more people are about to attain equity.  and then declare that somehow, by some top-secret formula, they are the only true 'murkans.  i admired martin luther king, malcolm x, the panthers, etc but as i said, they represent the death of speak-truth-to-power eloquence.  talk was and is cheap, especially if you're preaching to the choir, and the sinner ain't listening or going to, without a pay-attention whack.

in the movie independence day, the alien invaders were described as being like locusts, destroying everything and then moving on to the next victim planet; when the president asked the alien in area 51 what did they want the people of earth to do, the creature said, "die".  that's where i am after 72 years of incessant setbacks to progress initiated and promulgated by these throwbacks to pre-civil war golden years, who continue to transmit the disease to their offspring, and expect the rest of us to say, thank you boss for so graciously placing your boot on my neck, and suh, may i have some molasses wif dat?  enough is enough.  our children will not be prepared for the viciousness of what i think is coming, mike, and i hope that all i just wrote disappears into the past,  but the momentum is like the inertia exerted by an enormous mass- physics demands an equal & opposite reaction to enable either a gradual turn or an abrupt stop; whoever is steering has to be very strong, and, as jerry butler told us, only the strong survive.  peace, but maybe not...
didn't mean to blow off, but as james brown said-heh! i feel good...(horns)
dahda dahda dahda dah! 
boomp boomp boomp boomp..."
                                                              —Dedmon Walken


JIm said...

Your friend is correct in that we who oppose Obamanomics and all it's big government debt missions which are dragging the US economy down and will destroy our Constitutiona American way of life very shortly unless it is crushed in November. I too am nervous, but I can not believe that the American people who have been presented a failed Obamatopia, would choose failure again. 55% Romney 45% Obama looks good from here, with an 8-12 seat pickup in the Senate.

I all

Robert Berner said...

And when Obama is re-elected, will Jim finally shut up and go away?

Bob B.

Lally said...

Unfortunately not Bob. He didn't go away when Obama got elected the first time. It's brain control by the rightwing media masters he parrots.