Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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Jamie Rose said...


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Funny, I've had this exact quote on my refrigerator for a good fifteen years and it's attributed to George Carlin. Maybe we could start a quote busines and license this with one's favorite comedian attached. "I'll take two George Burns's, a Red Skelton and a Shecky Greene!" ;-) Whoever said it, it's great anyway.

Lally said...

In years past I only quoted from books or articles I'd read myself so I knew the source (and cited it). But in recent months, since I started using quotes called to my attention by friends on Facebook I have often wondered if the sources were known or if the quotes were even correct. I've seen tons by supposedly by Einstein that seem very suspect. This sounded like it could have been Woody
, but now that you've attributed it to Carlin, that seems possible too. So maybe we'll call it by "anonymous" for now.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Works for me Michael. Sorry to break ranks here, but here is today's tragic Second Amendment Bastardization Alert:


Lally said...

I'm sorry too Robert, to read about another horrendous death caused by someone with obvious anger issues able to get a gun and use it on someone who seems to have been a blessing to the world. I often wonder why the victims of these gun killings that are way too common in our society aren't true villians, like in the movies. They always seem to be not only innocent but the folks whose smiles lit up the room or the child whose goodness was apparent to all.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

And also provocateur Sam Bacile, who has no business calling him self a filmmaker as he has nothing to do with what's good and productive about the magical, powerful medium of film. He knowingly set out to condemn and provoke Muslims and was highly aware of the potential results. On Law & Order, he would be tried as an accessory to murder. When in history has making someone wrong brought about a solution? If he truly cared, if he had good inention, his film would offer some kind of roadway, a path to conciliation and solution.

If he truly cares, he will speak out, and he will step up and become a filmmaker by creating something that does not condemn and demean, but offers solution and the possiblity thereof.

Just as I am offering him that path of possibility right here.