Saturday, September 22, 2012


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William McPherson said...

Once upon s time Kansas was a progressive state. How did they go so wrong? How did they keep electing someone like Mike O'Neal--28 years in the Kansas legislature, four of them as Speaker? He claims to be "pro-life" but his message to the President sounds more anti-life to me. Among his other accomplishments he got sharia law banned and eliminated most corporate taxes. Considering the imminent danger sharia law posed to Kansas the people who voted for him must be grateful. The rest of us can be more grateful that such a disgrace to the Kansas House and Kansas in general is not running for re-election. But maybe we'd better hold our gratitude until we see who Kansans elect to replace him.

JIm said...

The dimmuation of the entire non muslim population of the planet to Islam in matters of life, law taxation only started as an abberant religious idea. In America we have the founding documents which has been the greatest example equality before the law in human history. We do not need any stinking shariah law in America.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Your utterance confirms beyond doubt your complete disconnection from reality and rationality. At the very core of the founding documents you invoke is religous freedom. And 99.99 percent of Muslims are devout, God fearing, peaceful, productive people, unlike you, who is hateful, paranoid and bigoted.