Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Man is anyone better than Bill Clinton at connecting with an audience and breaking complex wonky policies and programs into easily digested solid facts to build an argument on? No.

When I was young and my brain was running on all channels and I gave political speeches I was able to connect with audiences of hundreds and in a few cases thousands on a one to one basis, people told me. What I did was just talk like I actually was talking one on one. Clinton has perfected that to an art form and watching him pull it off is like watching Pavarotti in his prime sing a difficult aria perfectly or Picasso in that film where he paints on glass and you get to see his mastery in action.

Any great performance leaves you, or at least me, high, but without the hangover or damage done from artificially produced highs, if you know what I mean. Just a master at work as folksy as always as though we're sitting on a porch in Arkansas and he's just making a point in a discussion. Beautiful, masterful, impressive and effective. I hope whoever was undecided was watching.

After the highlight last night of Michelle's kick ass speech and now tonight Bill Clinton topping that won't it be great if Obama takes it even higher tomorrow night? Here's hopin'.


Kirk Petersen said...

It was indeed a very strong speech. Shockingly, it went on too long. Strong warmup acts also by Elizabeth Warren and Sandra Fluke. POTUS has a tough act to follow tomorrow.

Lally said...

Yeah, I meant to mention Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren who both also gave speeches that on any other night would have been the highlight, but the main act overwhelmed them. But I fell in love with each of them tonight and thought now there are two women who deserve to be celebrities.

JIm said...
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Lally said...

No lies allowed. There's enough of them out there.

AlamedaTom said...

That was frickin' amazing. I was thinking of you the and my late friend Bill Mahannah the whole time, wishing we could have all been watching it together. Warren and Fluke we pretty awesome too. Can't wait for the President to put the icing on the cake.

~ Willy

tpw said...

It was a good speech, but should have been shorter. I agree that Bill has a talent for explaining issues and policies in a way that makes them more easily understandable, but the real question is why Obama and his team haven't themselves been better at this task over the past 3 years. The sad fact is that a creepy, robotic, unprincipled, and unlikable multi-millionaire like Romney shouldn't even be in the game, never mind be even with Obama in the polls. His candidacy is a great gift to the Democrats, and if Obama loses, it will be a sad testament to his inability to make the case for himself and of the gullibility of many of our fellow citizens.