Friday, September 7, 2012


The Democrats finally made the case. And they did it in many different ways through a variety of voices. And the president capped it with a mix of honest humility, soaring oratory, clear facts and simple but stark choices.

Bill's speech may have been the highlight in many ways for those of us missing his feel for an audience and his charisma and the clarity of his argument(s), but Obama had me on my feet at the end along with the audience, and Michelle hit me in the heart, and so many others did such a great job, including Biden tonight, his old pol style still coming across as sincere to me.

Maybe they waited too long. Maybe the president is too much of a reader and writer and not enough of a glad handing pol. Maybe the gazillionaires outspending the Dems with their unofficial campaign ads spreading lies and reinforcing prejudices and division will overwhelm a tired electorate and convince them either to not vote or vote for the same old failed policies under two new haircuts.

But I know who I'm voting for and who I'm urging everyone I know to vote for and who the facts prove did more in less than four years to help the poor, our veterans, create jobs, lower our dependence on foreign oil, bring about peace, get rid of dictators, diminish the ranks of the the terrorists responsible for 9/11, make the workplace more fair for women, bring healthcare to more people and force the insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions and lower lifetime caps and more that has led to the smallest rise in healthcare this year than in decades, made it possible for gay and lesbian citizens to serve their country without having to hide who they love, and so much more: Barack Obama.


JIm said...
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JenW said...

Thank you Michael, for your convention highlights- very true! I watched both and think they should be shown in High School and then used as a springboard for lessons in critical thinking. Ideally all students would have this opportunity, not just ones in prep schools or college prep public school classes. What better way to engage kids with opportunities to analyze, interpret, research, collaborate, present and debate? (Across all subjects- Language Arts, SS, Science, Health…& yes- “Arithmetic!”) Everyone would benefit since it would promote discussion in the home too. The parents might actually gain an insight from their kids, and be motivated to get out there, make intelligent choices and vote. So much to be learned… I was in awe of Gabrielle Giffords and inspired by her incredible perseverance, strength and courage as she led our Pledge of Allegiance. That’s character education for all ages.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Fact: George W. Bush failed to respond to "ingelligence", which led to 9/11.

Fact: Directly after the attack, Bush flew the bin Laden family members who were in the U.S. out of the county.

Fact: Bush (Cheney) started two of the longest incursions in U.S. history in Afghanistan and Iraq, costing untold billions/trillions of our tax dollars, fattening the pockets of kick back contractors, costing legions of lives, wiping out the budget surplus there when he entered office, sending us into a plummet economic down-spiral, leaving office with the DJIA down to the 7 thousand level, creating a world depression. Despite seeming ongoing attempts, Bush was unable to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, which speaks to his having transported the bin Laden family out of the U.S. in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Fact: Under the command of President/Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden was killed.