Thursday, September 20, 2012


I forgot to mention another new show I'm planning on following for a while. BOMB GIRLS. It's from Canada and has been on there for a while but just started on the REELZ station down here so I caught the first episode and dug it.

It's melodramatic soap opera-ish like most episodic TV dramas but at least it has some accurate history (and some inaccurate). Set in WWII in a bomb making factory where the women have the factory floor jobs putting the bombs together it's one of the very few TV series that's set in and actually stars people who do manual labor. Let alone women.

There's already been some fine acting (and some not so fine) in the first episode [Meg Tilly is excellent] and story lines set up to create some suspense and desire to see what happens. And with almost no violence and so far only indirectly shot sex scenes. A relief from the sensationalism of so many TV series including the ones I wrote about in my last post.

I'd say check it out if you can get it. If for nothing else but the jitterbugging scenes.

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