Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The day after Dylan's (70!) and my sister-in-law Marie (Sis) and nephew Carl (happy birthday everyone) and the day before Miles' (Davis, not my oldest son). And only a few days after the beautiful Suzanne Greco's (hey) and I share the day with the always glamorous Patti D'arbanville.

A quick thanks to all the e mails and facebook greetings and even snail mail cards! I feel very lucky to be here to celebrate it, and thanks to all that sent prayers and good wishes over the past several years' health travails. Life is delicious, enjoy it while we can.


Anonymous said...

Michael, sweet, thank you for the compliment:)
By the way, you also share a birthday with, among others : Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jacob Burckhardt, Anne Heche, David Lean, and Theodore Roethke.


Theresa said...

Hey, Michael, a happy birthday to you. We are all very glad you are still around and kickin' and keeping us all on our toes! love, Theresa

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Michael, My birthday is Sunday (5/29) It doesn't surprise me that we share the Gemini perspective and spirit.

May the blessings of health, happiness, family and creativity continue on in your life.

with love and respect,

Robert Z.

Harryn Studios said...

As always Michael, my very best wishes and love to you!

Lally said...

Thanks for the warm wishes guys, and Robert, if I'd know you'd definitely been in this post.