Sunday, May 1, 2011


In case you didn't catch it (I did) ], here's the whole appearance of President Obama at the annual let's joke about the news dinner in DC. Thank God we have a president who not only has a sense of humor and can make fun of himself, but who's smart enough to write or hire writers capable of landing some of the zingers he does here at his opponents.

[PS: Thanks to my son Miles who posted this link in the comments section of the last post, but I thought it'd be great to give it its own post (and thanks Phillipa and others who sent me links to excerpts that can be found on YouTube).]


-K- said...

Jeez louise, he completely gutted Trump.

I suppose there will still be some die-hard Tea Party people who think he's just what this country needs but after Obama's critque of his decision-making skills on Celebrity Apprentice, I bet Trump, like all bullies, is wondering if he can take it as well as he can dish it out.

Lally said...

I watched it live and the lighting was better and they kept cutting to Trump and he seemed to be taking it pretty well, probably enjoying the attention. But later the SNL comic did his bit and also scored on Trump, among others, but a even harder and Trump just scowled through the whole thing, obviously not appreciating that kind of attention. If there's a YouTube of that you should catch it (or I'll look for it and try and add a link to it).

Anonymous said...

Trumps expression was blank when that other guy the main comic the skinny guy with the black hair was joshing Trump.

Trump did, however, crack a (sort of) grin when Obama was joshing. This guy Trump is 100 % media crappo !