Sunday, May 15, 2011


Anyone see 60 MINUTES tonight? Gates, the Secretary of Defense, said something to the effect that Obama's call to use the Seals to get Bin Laden was the toughest decision he'd experienced any president making. If anyone can locate the exact quote, it was a pretty powerful endorsement of Obama, and by an experienced and straight talking Republican. Too bad there aren't more of those around.

[PS: Thanks to Miles for putting this link in his comment showing Gates calling it "one of the most courageous" decisions he'd seen a president make, and he's been working in the government through several of the last presidencies, most directly for both of the Bushes.]


Miles said...

Gates called it "one of the most courageous" presidential decisions he'd ever seen. You can watch the excerpt here.

Lally said...

Thanks Miles. I just heard that on NPR and was about to add a PS.

JIm said...
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