Friday, May 13, 2011


I wrote posts for the last two days and "published" them and could swear I saw them up on this blog. Did anyone else? (Of course some of you did because you commented on the W.H. Auden poem I posted and commented on myself!)

They were there last night around 10PM, when after a day of some chest pain some other symptoms revealed themselves just as my thirteen-year-old was getting ready for bed which moved me to call his mom who said, "You're going to the emergency room right now."

So I did and ended up spending close to twelve hours on a hard gurney in the "acute" section of the ER of our local hospital (they had no room in the less "acute" areas of the ER) even though my EKG and other tests were coming out okay, but because I have a "history" etc. they were taking every precaution.

Then they put me in a real room to wait for my doc's okay, which didn't come until 11AM and then, of course, it took a few more hours for the doc who's in charge of discharging me to do her job.

So I ended up spending much of the one-and-a-half year anniversary of my brain surgery (also another Friday the 13th) in the hospital!

Well, at least it wasn't a true emergency and I'm home and okay though exhausted as there was no sleeping in the noisy ER (how odd that these places meant for healing are designed in ways that are so anti-healing) and I got to practice some patience with the staff and my fellow patients and with google and blogpost when I came home to find my last two posts had disappeared!

Think someone's hacking my blog?

[That was totally weird, the Auden one just reappeared!]


-K- said...

Glad you're better....No, probably not hacking. Blogger was down for most if not all of Thursday, maybe even Wednesday night. First time that I've known it to happen in five years.

Anonymous said...

So happy you are home now. Enough of that hospital stuff for quite a while now, right? Be well.

Miles said...

There wasn't any hacking of your blog. Blogger gave me an "unavailable" notice when I tried to check out the comments on the Auden quote (which is back now, and dated Thursday). I clicked through the unavailable notice for "details", which said something like, "Blogger will be unavailable while maintenance is performed".

Feel better.

Lally said...

Thanks everyone. Hopefully I won't see the inside of a hospital for again for a long time.

Unknown said...

Don't blame me. I love your inane liberal political views. As for the medical crap, that is not a lot of fun. Been there done that, but it seems to be in the rear view mirror.

Robert Berner said...

Lal--Glad you're okay. I was worried about you. And the ER is not a place you'd want to spend the week-end.
Bob B.

Unknown said...

Sorry about the Loyeen comment; I must have messed up the computer. It was me, Jim.