Saturday, January 1, 2011


Just had to write that.

Hope your New Year's Eve was as wonderful as mine. I'm up in the Berkshires with my youngest and spent last night at an old and dear friend's with other old and dear friends and a few new ones. (Got to bed at 4AM, later than I have in quite a while.)

Nothing like stimulating conversation and good goof (that's one of those typos I'm constantly making still, poet (there's another, I mean "post") brain op, but this one I had to leave, what I meant to write was "good food"). And it wasn't my only option.

Bell Engine, the band my older son is in was playing a private party in another town up here last night and my daughter-in-law and grandson and my youngest all went to that party where there were also lots of people I know and would have loved to have seen. And that party had a lot more dancing (though the hostess at the dinner party I went to, my dear old friend, was doing some boogieing that I had to join in on).

I think for my money, good conversation is still one of the top three pleasures that involve other people, and sometimes it can be the most fulfilling. My mother used to say whatever you're doing New Year's Eve you'll be doing all year long. Which is great, because I was enjoying good company, conversation and food that filled me with joy and satisfaction. Makes me look forward to 2011.

(Starting with tomorrow, before we head back to Jersey, when we'll get together with my daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter at their place for lunch and a late exchange of Christmas presents, as the holidays continue for us.)


Anonymous said...

sounds lovely michael...suzanne

Lally said...

The only thing that would have made this season more bright, would have been to have all my good friends nearby so I could see them, like you Suzanne.

Elisabeth said...

Have a wonderful year , Michael. To stay up so late in such marvelous company is a great start to 2011. May we both have many more happy years.

Anonymous said...

thanks michael... :) suzanne