Saturday, January 1, 2011


This singer/songwriter/dancer has been getting some attention as one of the bright spots of 2010, but I wasn't aware of her until the drummer in Bell Engine sent my older son Miles this video and he hipped me to it.

There's other stuff of hers out there with even more amazing dance moves, but something about the limitations of a late night TV show (on which she's making her television premier) makes this video even more special to me.

Watching this young woman in 2010 channel James Brown, among other great musical artists, is a total delight (but you have to watch it all the way through to get that). Check it out:


Jamie Rose said...

This was awesome!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Amazing. I have been encountering young people with amazing talent, poise, and mind. Who are our future, and it gives me hope. Like Amber Lily, age 13, an amazing singer/songwriter/actress , and Leroya Sanford, age 8, an old-soul stand up comedienne, two young people I know who can, are and will change this world. And to me the best You Tube video of late is Danny Macaskill "Way Back Home":

much more entertaining, celebratory of the human spirit and ability and inspirational that a hundred Avatars which with all due respect for the technical achievement is just a rehashing of the mean, greedy colonizers wiping out the peaceful, trusting natives.

Miles said...


I love what Janelle is doing with Tightrope! Such a satisfying interpretation of soul music!!!


Thanks for turning me on to Macaskill. The individual's creative response to the environment is what makes sports like his seem more like art to me. I love it.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...


I totally agree about Janelle. Like with Danny Macaskill, I could watch and listen to her all day long. Her energy is pure love, positivity and vibrance.

Lally said...

Robert, Flynn had turned me on to a shorter version of that McAskill video, which was totally impressive. This longer one you link to is even more impressive. I agree with your take on all this. Also, may I mention that your latest Kindsight entry about Teddy and the handicap space is one of your most moving, at least for me. Keep up the great work, which does exactly what the Janelle and McAskill videos do as well, demonstrate the unlimited possibilities of the human spirit.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Thank you Michael, for your ongoing encouragement and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love her moves! As a mother I could barely stand to watch Danny, but he is amazing, just gut wrenching to watch.