Monday, January 24, 2011


The first section of this well thought out article may bum you out, but do not "read it and weep"—instead read the sections that follow, which encourage all of us to know and defend The Constitution as a document belonging to all U.S. citizens, not just the right and their distorted (and I might add "activist") interpretation.


JIm said...

Congradulations you found an intelligent but I believe erroneous interpetation of the Constitution. It was purposivley made hard to change so as to protect and defend the country from the changing and fasionable legal thougts of the times. In the amedment process, the Founders provided the ability to change with the times. I believe the amendment process makes considerably more sense and is more in keeping with the Constitution than activist judges inventing new law that has not gone through the legislative process.

But that is the opionion of an originalist. The beauty of the First Amendment is, that is just one opinion. Under the First Amendment the arguments will be carried out at the ballot box and unfortunately in the courts. But it is a debate worthy of a great nation.

JIm said...
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JIm said...

Way to go Lally.
Who says liberals are for First Amendment rights, as long as they agree with liberal principals.

Lally said...

I'll let you comment now and then when it seems reasonable, but to just use this blog as your own and continually cite sources that have been discredited and I know to be deliberate distortions or outright lies is too tedious to have to deal with since you seem to have no capacity for allowing any ideas into your monologues that don't adhere to your rightwing ideology. Life's too short to waste on your silly shenanigans.