Friday, January 21, 2011


Finally caught this flick and understand why some people are raving about it. Pretty fine screenwriting/directing/editing and acting to make a feature length movie about some privileged twit (basically) with a stutter and turn it into a compelling drama with enough tension and suspense to fuel an action/thriller!

And I can see why some folks think Colin Firth will not just get nominated for an Oscar but win it. But I also can see why some other folks think if he does he'll be winning for his performance in A SINGLE MAN last year, because that's the greater performance, although this one is very very good and more obviously noble and redeeming.

I have movie actor friends who also question the way Firth was either directed or chose to portray the "stutter" the film talks about but we never really hear. A speech impediment, difficulty saying some words  creating excruciatingly long pauses, etc. but no real stutter. Maybe it was a desire to not do the usual stuttering stereotype, or maybe this was the way this historic character actually spoke, but I can see my friends' point about it not seeming as authentic as real stutterers most of us have known.

All the acting is so good though, and Geoffrey Rush is getting a lot of attention and expected to be nominated for a supporting Oscar, which will be well deserved. But I really loved Helen Bonham Carter's performance most of all. It was so nuanced and controlled and humorously subtle, as well as subtly humorous, it made the movie for my taste.

Highly recommended.


Elisabeth said...

I'm looking forward to this film, Michael. Thanks for the endorsement.

Lally said...

Hope you like it Elisabeth.