Monday, January 17, 2011


I didn't get a chance to watch the Golden Globes (though I did watch Ricky Gervais's opening monologue on Youtube (thanks to my son Miles) to see what the fuss was about, and though Miles didn't find Gervais's star bashing jokes anything for anyone to get that upset about, there was obviously some real outrage from some stars who were the targets of some of those jokes, as I hear it).

But I was happy to see some of what I consider to be the best performances of this past year being recognized. I still haven't seen THE KING'S SPEECH, so I can't comment on Colin Firth's winning a Golden Globe for his role in that film (though friends in "the biz" tell me they feel he's getting recognized more for this role than he might otherwise because many now feel he should have won for A SINGLE MAN last year), but, I can agree with choosing Annete Beining for THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (though there are some equally as perfectly nuanced performances from several other women in leading roles, including her co-star Julliane Moore in the same movie) and definitely Christian Bale and Melissa Leo for their supporting roles in THE FIGHTER.

As well as Paul Giamatti winning for his lead in BARNEY'S VERSION (the Globes have that double possibility thing in their two types of movies categories, so Firth won for "drama" and Paul G. for "comedy" etc. and the same for Benning who won for "comedy" (as though THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT wasn't a "drama"!) and Natalie Portman won for "drama" for BLACK SWAN).

I was also happy to see that Claire Danes won for her brilliant turn as TEMPLE GRANDIN in the HBO movie, which in reality was the greatest performance by any actor in a movie last year.

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