Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here is an article that articulates beautifully a corrective to the failed memories of so many, including some historians, of what the Reagan years really wrought. It does it much better than I could and with appropriate links to back it up (though there are hundreds more factual resources to support this perspective).


AlamedaTom said...

Remember this?: The Teflon President.

~ Willy

Lally said...

And still, it seems.

JIm said...

Jimma Carter has gone down in history as the president who through liberal good intentions, lost Iran to radical Islam. Reagan is remembered as the President, who allied with the Pope and the Iron Lady was responsible for the end of the Soviet Union. Obama will likely be remembered for his perception of international weakness that helped lead to the loss of Turkey, Tunsia, Lebenon and now, likely Egypt to radical Islam.

Tim said...

Yes, Jim, such are the popular myths. But as you even pointed out recently, Carter was not a "liberal" when it came to foreign policy. He was hawkish on intervening in the Middle East whenever oil supplies were threatened and had no qualms about using covert ops to achieve his ends. On the other hand, Reagan cut and ran from Lebanon and traded arms for hostages with Iran (for hostages held by Hezbollah in Lebanon). His administration also sold weapons to both sides in the Iran-Iraq war. So, yes, Reagan won the popular mythology contest. But real historians like yourself know the difference, right?

JIm said...

There is truth in what you say. But perception of our adverseraries are important. Carter, in retrospect showed more covert spine than he was given credit for. However he cut the Shaw off at the knees. I grant you, that he was only faced with bad choices; an oppresive dictator and what turned out to be a theolocratic dictatorship that inflicted horror on the Iranian people and international atrocities. Reagan acted poorly in Lebanon, by not exacting revenge for the attack. Weakness in a Liberal or a Consevative American president does not have good results.
The weakness of Obama's international leadership is just beginning to be felt. It does not portend good things.